Foreign Exchange Risk Management
Whether you want to save on foreign currency transactions, or anticipate the Forex markets, your Personal Dealer will help you reduce your foreign currency risks by executing your trades at the perfect time.
There are many benefits of working with MFX on your foreign exchange risk management strategy.
If your business imports, exports goods or services, or receives and makes payments in foreign currencies, you will have to protect yourself against changes in the exchange rate.
We provide treasury management services to companies who actively manage their finance and need foreign exchange risk management. We assist in Managing multipayments, collecting income, budgeting and forecasting.
We provide real-time information on exchange rates and go over your currency payment and terms to optimize your exchanges with the market.
Whether your priorities include the purchase of multiple currencies and formulation of a sound FX policy, multi payment schedules, budgeting and costing, currency hedging or a comprehensive transaction audit trail, we have a solution for you.
We ensure that you receive competitive commercial rates of exchange in the spot and forward markets. And by optimizing the timing of your currency purchase, we aim to help you improve your returns by trading when the market suits you most.